Over 30 years of experience in health and fitness

I’m 57 years old and have been a personal trainer for over 30 years.  When I was young, I trained hard and loved it.  At this point, I preach “sometimes less is more!”.  Being an older trainer, I know what it’s like to have injuries, aches and pains.  That being said, if the mind is willing, there is always a way.  Progress can still be made!  My clients range from people that never exercised in their lives to competitive professional athletes  and actors and everyone in between.  I love what I do and am grateful to be able to make a living helping people.

Some of my credentials:  Bachelor of Science Degree in Foods & Nutrition, A Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition, and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I’ve created and managed several in-house personal training programs for major health clubs and currently co-own Great Jones Fitness, a personal training facility in New York City.